Lost Trax


Lost Trax - Flatliner

Lost Trax embody the idea of underground techno. The shadowy group, members unknown, began their music careers over 20 years ago. Output may be low, but quality is high; the style being no compromise techno brilliance. And that's what's on show here. Kick drums and squirming acid bars are at the core of "Faith", a track where soaring strings shift and reshape. The chiselled claps and barbed bass of "Flatliner" follows, taking its cue from the heyday of Detroit. A watery world of analogue abstraction greets the listener on the flip, "Lost" being an atmospheric journey into to the squelching swamps of the TB303. Sniping beats introduce the lush tones of "Renderer." Blurring the lines of electro and techno the track is an elegant end to an EP of deep and dense layers.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship038 remind