Gerhard Heinz

Escape To Paradise

Gerhard Heinz - Escape To Paradise

Super limited vinyl collector edition of the unreleased soundtrack of the 1980’s soft porn classic. The movie itself is a soft core caribbean erotic & crime story with sleazy balearic soundtrack. Escape to Paradise was especially big in the USA and Spain on cable TV and VHS. Movie starring 1984 Playboy Playmate Nathalie Uher (Emmanuelle 6) from Austria and was directed by famous erotic movie director Huber Frank in 1984/85. Soundtrack written and composed by Gerhard Heinz in 1984. Deep and psychedelic electronic disco grooves and synth pop sound. Very similar to the SEX FEVER score which got released as first part of this series two years ago in 2014. DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) audiophile pressing. Including poster, free download with 20 bonus tracks + electronic vibrator!

LP Private Records: VAG04 € 39,99