Galaxian - Uprising

Scotland's premier electro alchemist is back on Shipwrec and this time flying solo with five shards of sharpened machine music. Beats rain down in solid sheets, a hail of drum patterns pelt and pound. Acid scorn, speeding snares and scorched sounds roar and rumble in the menacing "Days of Rage." The 12" hisses and howls, sending forth a searing line of percussion as gears crank and groan. "Glasgow to Detroit" is just as fiery, scorn and sparks leaping off burning bars. Aggression is always at the surface and behind the razor rhythms lurks a palpable paranoia, as in "Daisy Cutter" or "Uprising." The only respite comes with the complex and textured "Stones and Sticks." Harsh mechanics from an industrial heartland.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship047 remind