Peter J. Wassermann & Daniela Wassermann

Desert Lovers (1985)

Peter J. Wassermann & Daniela Wassermann  - Desert Lovers (1985)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency would be jealous. Private Records managed to lift an amazing treasure again. This time in the basement of a jewish porn company... ''Desert Lovers'' the unreleased minimal synth soundtrack of the eponymous porn movie from 1985. 1980's movie soundtracks are the perfect source for unspent/fresh original vintage music. Desert Lovers from 1985 is the highlight of this year's summer seasson. An unreleased minimal synth, ambient, drone, wave soundtrack that is in high demand already two weeks after the announcement. Produced by the dudes also known as „Schaltkreis Wassermann“. A swiss cult psychedelic minimal synth band who were active during the early 1980's. Even LSD inventor Albert Hofmann visited them in their studio. Comes with a foldout poster + vibrator.

LP Private Records: VAG07 remind