I Gres

Restless / Hot Dogs

I Gres - Restless / Hot Dogs

I GRES were a studio group founded by Silvano Chimenti. They recorded three studio albums recording funky library music. The band comprises of members GIORGIO CARNINI on organ, maestro ROBERTO PREGADIO, drummer ENZO RESTUCCIA and leader SILVANO CHIMENTI, together forming I GRES. Their first LP is mainly based on Rock-Blues and Funk. The tunes featured on this single, are ”RESTLESS'' (a classic B-boy favourite cop Funk track that was also used as the main theme for the ''Dibattito politico'' TV programme from 1975) and ”HOT  DOGS”, a killer Funk track featuring and killer distorted guitar and obsessive rhythms.

7inch Cometa Edizioni Musicali: GV-001-45 remind