Iron Curtis

Upstream color

Iron Curtis - Upstream color

Seven years down the line and Tamed Musiq is proud to present its first-ever album release: ,,Upstream Color'' by Iron Curtis. This long-awaited follow-up to ,,Soft Wide Waist Band'' represents a milestone for the Berlin-based producer and easily ranks as his most accomplished (and personal) work amidst an already brilliant repertoire. Similar to an impressionist painter, Iron Curtis portrays a well-known subject (house music) in a dream-like environment by employing a palette of ethereal sounds, subdued melodies and bass-heavy beats. The outcome is a beautiful aural experience and while ,,Upstream Color ,, never strays too from the dancefloor, the album requests multiple listens to unlock all of its mysteries.

2x12inch Tamed Musiq: TMXLP001 € 18,99