Spatial Escape/Magical Invocations

UNCOU/Skyfarma - Spatial Escape/Magical Invocations

Beautiful split release dropping some advanced melodic electronica by UNCOU / SKYFARM. Two aliases of producer Artsiom Khudziakou, based in eastern europe Minsk, Belarus. He started as a guitar/piano player in his youth, he progressed to experimenting with electronic music and recording in his late teens influenced by early IDM and modern electronica and the early Detroit techno/electro from 1988 and he is a member of belarussian artists' community called ''M-Kultra''. His melodic acid electro combined with some experimental elements makes a lovely combination and WeMe records prooves once again to have a fine ear for talented forward thinking artists! Recommended!

EP WeMe Records: WeMe313.21/WeMe056 € 10,99