Tribe Of Colin

Age Of Aquarius

Tribe Of Colin - Age Of Aquarius

Something special: someone we've been getting excited about, making his debut on Honest Jon's!

Juddering bangers and hypnotic body-rockers, dazed spells and rootical wig-outs spun from early Detroit, West African field recordings, dub and beatbox hip hop; rough as fuck and clatteringly percussive, but shot through with a gritty numinousness. Soundboy techno; Stokey worries.

Gorgeously sleeved in midnight-black art-paper, intricately printed in silver with the visionary photography of Katrin Koenning, folded by hand and packed into Japanese cellophane envelopes.

Very warmly recommended, unsurprisingly.

2LP Honest Jons: HJP088 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L