Alex Cima

Final Alley

Alex Cima - Final Alley

Cosmic heads, here comes on of your your dream release of 2020. Final Alley is the 1980 follow up to Alex Cima's sought after debut „Cosmic Connection“ from 1979.

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft/Polydor was intersted to release it in 1980 as well as they did with the first album 'Cosmic Connection' but 'Final Alley' remained and insanely rare promo release.

US based producer Alex Cima dropping insanely good cosmic funk and psychedelic Disco again. Minimal synth psychedelic break beat space disco music for the prime time.

Two of the nine tracks: Anna and Final Alley were later issued on a 1986 album. The other 7 songs remained exclusive! Including art print + bandcamp download

LP Private Records: 369.061 remind