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Alexander Robotnick

Krypta 1982 (Rare Robotnicks Part II)

cover: Alexander Robotnick - Krypta 1982 (Rare Robotnicks Part II)

From the Krypt of cult hero Alexander Robotnick comes the follow up to the ''Rare Robotnicks'' CD that was released on his own label a few years back. ''Krypta 1982'' is an amazing full length album, that contains 18 never before released tracks from 1981-1982. It shows the amazing range of Robotnicks skills, from deep disco tracks that sound like they could have been released yesterday, to romantic vocal ''Problemes d'Amour''-like 303 pop songs, strange 808 Exotica, minimal analogue dancefloor tracks and haunting experimental soundscapes that would perfectly fit on a BBC radiophonic workshop record.

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