Dreadfully Distinct

Tserg - Dreadfully Distinct

Dutch record label and shop Deeptrax has been tirelessly pushing the boundaries between rigid funk, electro, ambient & techno since 2016 and for release number 033, Singaporean Tserg delves in to the realms of science fiction.

First up 'Dreadfully Distinct' conjures up themes of consciousness and the connections between man and machine in this Blade Runner=inspired soundscape, punctured with breakbeats and star-twinkling percussion, while 'Stardust' warps an electronic bassline among more day-dreaming voyages into the universe.

On the flip the ambient stylings of 'Decisions; Derisions' wash over the listener as heartbeat bass kicks punctuate airy tapestries of space and sound, while 'Ready State of Mind' ramps up the tempo with light percussion and syncopated beats, all tightly wound around spaced-out samples.

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX033 € 12,99