Dijf Sanders

Swamp Boulevard remixed

Dijf Sanders - Swamp Boulevard remixed

Dijf Sanders' ''Swamp Boulevard'', which was released on his critically acclaimed ''To Be A Bob'' album, gets a remix treatment by Kettel and Marco Bernardi. Kettel delivered a superb remix, which can easily compete with any Plaid remix. This is all about beauty and pushing the right buttons. On the flip Marco Bernardi made his smooth dancefloor mix. Hi-tech and soulful in a kind of Basic Channel meets Derrick May meets Autechre style. Marco also delivered his trademark Frustrated Funk electro mix. Hi-tech, cut-up vocals and fucked up, yet rocking, slowly morphing electro beats. He processed the vocals in such way it sounds like Dijf has been locked in a washing machine.

12inch Dub: Dub033 € 7,99