Silver Clouds

Photocall - Silver Clouds

The amazing Silver Clouds finally officialy released. After the 300 copies promo pressing it now comes with a bonus remix by Dexter. Actually the original is already good enough... but since remixing is the new black we thought we drop in a special one too. Photocall is the LA based team of Eli Epstein and Terryn Westbrook. Their Silver Clouds is allready very sought after. The original version is an ice cold electro track with Egyptian Lover style beats and a funking minimal bassline that really makes you move your ass. The track really kicks of with an additional synth line, the vocals of Terryn and a bleepy melodie which has somehow the same ,its all good vibe, as Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass. And as usual Dexter did great job by minimalising the track and turning the original into a electro-funk kind of track with crazy edits that works like crazy on the floor. Must have!

12inch Clone: C#47 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L