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Roswell Return


cover: Roswell Return - Probe

Utterly essential mind expanding deep space ambient techno album. Roswell Return is one of the best kept secrets of the Dutch electronic music scene. During daytime Roswell Return works as a highly placed government official, but at night he lets his machines do the talking. With sixteen tracks of incredible deep and haunting ambient techno Roswell Return takes us on a journey through far away electronic galaxies to unknown places “where the stars are scattered thinly and the cold of space seeps in”. Available in a special CD package that comes with a bonus DVD, featuring the non-narrative, experimental documentary ''Roadworkers'' with music by Roswell Return.

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CDr+DVDr SD Records SD2107CD in stock buy € 13.99
vinyl 2x12inch + MP3 SD Records SD2107 not available remind
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