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G Strings

The Land Of Dreams

cover: G Strings - The Land Of Dreams

7th Sign is proud to announce a very special release. Formerly of the G-Strings label out of Chicago (first heard in 1990), this is truly a classic rarity that now takes pride of place in the 7th Sign Catalogue. This newly re-mastered issue features all the original tracks, including the classic title cut with its haunting strings and Kraftwerk-esque mechanical groove. All the tracks have a very deep minimal arrangement and production and each stands up against today's modern backdrop. This is a real gem and a great time capsule of Chicago House from back in the day. This release offers a rare opportunity to own a rare record that has assumed classic status and price.

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vinyl 12inch Seventh Sign Recordings 7SR020 not available remind
 This item is also available for download @ CLONE D\G\T\L