Funckarma vs Onionboy

Rusty Kokon ep

Funckarma vs Onionboy - Rusty Kokon ep

Funckarma goes in league with Onionboy (Darko Esser), both delivering a track of their own, and a remix of each other's. Funckarma's Rusty W is lush electronics and heavy dubstep at the same time, effective & abstract dancefloor artillery! Onionboy's remix is a 100% old school electro track, solid as a rock and reminding a bit of old Rude66 and Satamile tracks. Onionboy's Kokon is an electronic beauty that keeps building up.. tick layers of nostalgic synths over firm beats... magical! Funckarma turn this track inside out with their typical and complex IDM beat structures that can only be done by the Funcken minds. Another uncatagorizable Shipwrec release, limited to 300 copies, full colour artwork and a download code to redeam all audiotracks and artwork in digital format.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship013 € 8,99