Julian Edwardes / E.R.P.

The Grinder

Julian Edwardes / E.R.P. - The Grinder

Split release of the two Dutch labels Shipwrec and Fremdtunes, casting off for uncharted waters, setting sail to proudly introduce a fresh new name to their ever expanding roster. Julian Edwardes is a Dutch artist that bends the limitations of Hip Hop and Bass Music, his first outing on vinyl takes elements of these sounds and twists them into a new form. The title track judders and shakes into life with a controlled tempo adding gravity to the mix. Sombre notes drop to create a melancholic muscular beast. The flip sees E.R.P. aka Gerard Hanson aka Convextion flying in from Texas on remix duty. Hanson weaves his magic, a lush melody of IDM depth descends to elevate this remix into something sublime. Vinyl only with amazing artwork.

10inch Shipwrec: ShipFR01 remind