Transmitter EP

Steiner - Transmitter EP

Shipwrec continues its 2013 expansion, third of the year, with the excellent Arnold Steiner. The Venezuela born designer and Electronics zealot has released deep Electro under monikers like AS1 and The Raw Mechanics. The New York dweller has transmitted his creations on labels like Last Known Trajectory, Solar One Music and of course his own Transient Force imprint. For Shipwrec Steiner delivers an EP brimming with emotive electronic futurescapes. Terse Electro is deepened by IDM shifts and absorbing melodies. ''Day For Night'' sees the South American maestro release globules of analogue sound into the stratosphere whereas ''Noirology'', with its rolling synthlines, is floor centred. The soulful interlude of ''Cycle'' leads into the finale. ''Spirit Horse'' is a shining close, a brittle and measured piece of heartening Electro. Steiner sculpts fluid sonic structures with one eye on the past, the other firmly on the future. A superb addition to the Shipwrec catalogue from Steiner. Limited lasered sleeves.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship020 remind
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