Robert Crash

Ultimate Traxxx

Robert Crash - Ultimate Traxxx

Robert Crash is an alias of Italian DJ and producer Fransesco Schito and now he makes a debut outing on Creme Organization with a tidy four track EP. In the past he has turned up on Dog In The Night Records, and with these cuts lays out his singular take on outlier house and techno.

Up first is 'Gigolo', a spare and weird house cut with sine waves and random claps, hunched drums and trippy synth lines. It's a unique track made in a unique way and will lead to plenty of freaky dance floor moments, for sure. 'Co. Art' is a whacked out techno cut with slap-funk claps, blistering and blistered synth lines and a rugged bit of bass underlining it all. The track is cavernous and metallic, empty and distant as if it somehow survived a nuclear blast.

On the flip, 'Alzheimer' is a slow and gurgling, swampy techno number with broken drums and crawling synths that sound like their batteries have run down. Icy, watery melodies eventually rain down, but the track remains resolutely eerie. Last of all, 'Fabric' is another decaying track with subtle, heavily filtered synths and drums all making for a minimal groove that is barely there.

This is heavily deconstructed music that sounds like little else out there and may well be the start of a very fast rise through the ranks for Robert Crash.

12inch Creme: CR1287 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L