Antigone & Francois X

We Move As One

Antigone & Francois X - We Move As One

For those who know Antigone and DEMENT3D's co-founder Francois X, it is impossible to draw the line between their collaboration and friendship. Three years ago, when the duo began exchanging tips on records, production techniques and gears, they had nothing particular in mind. This strategy, or lack thereof, revealed to be much more beneficial to both. One night of 2013, Francois X invites Antigone to DSCRD's studio -- a creative bunker in Paris suburb that was DEMENT3D's inner circle headquarters at the time. This friendly, spontaneous session quickly turned into a creative workshop and by the end of the evening, "The Hated SZ" was already there.

As you may imagine, projects spanning over such a long time can be risky. You get lost, but that's what the boys wanted. While slowly affirming their personal sound signature, they were crafting new textures, where their mutual sense of fine dance music and detailed production would hit a new freedom threshold. Francois X admitted to be under the spell of Aposuspita, an art performance and mystical character created by french artist Laura O'Rorke for which he created the soundtrack. The result is a double-EP, the soundtrack of a powerful rite de passage between reality and fiction. A carefully crafted dance music record that tells a story and alters your mind. Just like Aposuspita sucks the pain away from her tribe, Antigone & Francois X's "EP TITLE" offers a modern day catharsis to the listener.

After three years of work, what begun as a innocent one night stand turned into one of Paris most exciting release for year 2016. One of the first collaboration between two rising figures of the scene depicted in Resident Advisor's 2012 "Paris Real Scenes". A record that embodies the spirit of community that has been fostering the Parisian crowd for over 3 years and that is now reaching a new level, both socially and artistically. The Parisian scene has grown from a sparkle to an organised community of like-minded people, so has the relationship between those two bad boys, and we are proud to crystallise this wild energy on wax.

2x12inch DEMENT3D: DM3D012 € 17,99