The Void*


The Void* - Values

'Values' is released by three collaborating record labels from The Netherlands: Lomechanik, Esc.rec. and Shipwrec. This album fits seamlessly into the catalogues of all three labels. Both musically and aesthetically, because the packaging of this 12" vinyl is stunningly beautiful, as usual.
For several years now, The Void* (pronounced: The Void Pointers) have been developing their own sound idiom at the cutting edge of ambient, live electronics, drones and post-rock. The trio, consisting of Roald Dillewijn, Eric Magnee and Tijs Ham, chooses to build their own instruments to accomplish this. Both the coding of software and hardware tinkering are used to knead their sonic universe.
The artwork for this album is created by Studio Another Day. The sleeve of the record is lazered and the inner sleeve is silkscreen printed.

12inch Shipwrec: LES01 € 12,99