Selected Offal

Datassette - Selected Offal

2015 saw Datassette in generous form, the original 'Offal' brought 100 tracks of alleged offcuts. While a rare few actually live up to this self-deprecation, it couldn't be a more misleading title. Now, 'Selected Offal' has been boiled down to a gravy-like substance for a vinyl release by the nice folks at Shipwrec. After discussions with the artist, and suggestions from fans, seventeen prime cuts have been selected for the vinyl edition of Offal, alongside a few brand new previously unheard nuggets and alternative versions. Expect a buffet of delights. Smooth electronica, abrasive funk, out-there acid experimentation, chip tune chicanery and everything in between from this chameleon of machine music.

2LP Shipwrec: ShipLP05 remind