Relapse EP (Ochre Remix)

Fedbymachines - Relapse EP (Ochre Remix)

Fedbymachines has been active for almost a decade now, lurking in the undercurrents of netlabels and digital releases. Now Shipwrec shine the vinyl light of this shapeshifting musician, an artist who has ably turned his hand to a dizzying spread of styles. This skill is amply shown on his first wax release, Relapse EP, where a glut of genres are fed into the machine. Ambient. Electronica. Techno. Electro. All are combined to create a textured sound, one of delicate strings, ghostly clicks and static. Ochre closes the quintet with a remix, one that amplifies the organic nature of this absorbing encounter.
Coloured vinyl!

12inch Shipwrec: Ship030 € 9,99