Artifact 11

Bottin - Artifact 11

After a long break (6 years!) mysterious ARTIFACT label is back with a new private pressing of juicy Bottin re-edits.
Fist off, ''Domenica'' is an upbeat synthesizer disco number, complete with happy chanting and funny instrumental hooks.
Second track ''Cha Cha Cha'' leans towards Italian new wave, with English, French and Spanish vocals. Maybe what Tom Tom Club could have sounded like - if they were from Milan.
Side B starts with a thick, throbbing funk groove ''Chico Train'', topped by hilarious narration of a surreal train ride to, station to station.
The closing number ''Vital Grace'' is a dark, sexy disco thing, with lush female vocals and over-the-top strings.
As often in all things Bottin, this EP is all-Italian affair - Vinyl-only and very limited quantities as usual.

12inch Artifact: ART11 remind