Artifact 13

Bottin - Artifact 13

ARTIFACT is again hot off the vinyl presses with a private edition, curated by stalwart editor BOTTIN. First off, ''Manifesto Balearico'' does exactly what it says: providing a blueprint of the Balearic Beat genre: thick layers of dreamy keyboards over a lavish mid-tempo groove, topped by a sparse macho voiceover and chanting sirens. With ''Palmy Days'' we leave the Mediterranean Sea for the ocean and the French West Indies: it's not so much Latin music, but rather sophisticated tropical new wave. On the B side we cross the U.S. of A. for some naughty Californian Hi-NRG treat, better served straight into your ear channel: ''Got Headphones?''. Finally we head back to Bottin's homeland and explore an Italian city well after dark. ''Ok Goodnight!'' Buonanotte, amiche care.

12inch Artifact: ART13 remind