They Come In Twos

Alonzo - They Come In Twos

Coming hot on the heels of dynArec's 'Murder is The Number' EP, Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics label presents this double-pack by Alonzo, aptly named 'They Come In Twos'.

Originally from Miami and now based in New York, Alonzo has previously released on W.T. Records, Zement, RotterHague, Phormix, Kraftjerkz, and Lost Soul Enterprises. He's also known as Lithium Parasites alongside bandmate, Vidrio.

Alonzo's uncompromising approach draws influence from bleak urban landscapes, old city ruins, kinematics and all things bass which he finely represents across these 8 new tracks.

Pressed on Yellow and Black vinyl!!!

2LP Cultivated Electronics: CE042 € 19,99