Matti Turunen


Matti Turunen - Radau

Matti Turunen is probably best known for his work as Morphology (with Michael Diekmann) but here he goes it alone for a new EP on Cultivated Electronics vinyl-only series, Cultivated Electronics Ltd.

Finnish electronic maestro, Turunen's previous solo ventures without his Morphology cohort are rare. The last time was a track for AC Records in 2013 (which was remastered earlier this year for Bandcamp), but appearances have also cropped up on Abstract Forms, Muhk and Bliq in previous years.

For his 'Radau' EP on CE Ltd he turns up the Electro-funk to the max with lush arrangements, dulcet melodies and gritty beats - there's a warmth in the machines.

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CELTD011 € 12,99