Jorge Velez


Jorge Velez - Aventuras

Jorge Velez's take on the modern stock exchange through the eyes of a Bhopal seamstres ca. 1986 makes -as you can imagine- for a mix of elation and defeatism. Or as some might say, a Tango of Paradoxes. Jorge Velez shot onto the scene in 2012 with some well-received EPs on Rush Hour. He followed them up with more exciting material on MMT Tapes and L.I.E.S. and is now next up on Dutch label Creme Organization with five more tracks of idiosyncratic sounds. American Professor Genius is the man behind the alias, and in fact under various guises (Bridge & Tunnel Kids, Duermo) he has been making music for over seven years. Up first, 'Aventuras' is a lumpy mid tempo house jam riddled with tape drifting melodies and rough sounding drums. 'Medusa' is a high tempo, whacked out ghetto rhythm with creepy synth lines crawling over its face and 'Chant D'Ombres' is another weird concoction of dusty hi hats, whirring synths and globular melodic blobs. Punchy drums prop the whole thing up as analogue machines pull and stretch both you and themselves in all sorts of directions. 'Airplanes' is another fractured arrangement of blurting synths, off balance drums and soulful synths that is both experimental and super emotional at the same time. Last track 'Magic 8-Ball' is about jarring chord loops, wooden drums and gurgling mildly acid basslines. Like every track here it is an inventive, curiously odd and hugely original bit of music that really does sound like little else.

12inch Creme: CR1278 € 8,99