Instamatic EP

Metamatics - Instamatic EP

During a career spanning decades, under a spread of monikers, Lee Norris has weaved musical gold. Shipwrec know this. Once again the dutch imprint delves into the Metamatics' archives to come up with audio treasures. Instamatic, released in 2014, is the source material for the "Instamatic EP" with four tracks being revisited from the album. As with all of Norris' work, a depth of expression can be enjoyed from the outset. Mixing elements of electro, electronica and IDM, "Neon Future Blue" is a warm textured and simply addictive opener. Subtlety and form are tinkered and toyed with in the ruffled edges and stark lines of "Cosmic Emotion" before the grandeur and isolation that is "Metamatix." Fragility and the ephemeral combine in the closer. "Haethear" casts whimsical notes to the wind, gentle currents shift as basslines bubble against crushed beats. Simply sublime from a true master.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship065 € 9,99