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T.O.Y. Featuring Marian Gold

Turn On

'Turn On!' is part of the upcoming T.O.Y. full length album 'The Prophet' and also featured as an exclusive remix on the 'Metropol Nights' limited edi... more...

12inch Private Records: 369.065 € 18,99


Metropol Nights

Featuring Andy Bell of Erasure and Boy George with a duet, Boy George as a solo artist, T.O.Y. feat. Marian Gold, the Italo Disco legends Rago & Farin... more...

LP Private Records: 369.066 € 37,99

Various Artists

Let’s Go Into Space VI

Private Records presents „Let's Go Into Space 6“. The collector series continues with another collection of scarce and unreleased 1980's Italo Disco,... more...

LP Private Records: 369.064 remind

Christian Bruhn

Alice im Wunderland (OST)

Alice In Wonderland is an Japanese Anime production by Nippon Animation from 1983. Except the title track all song are instrumental. As usual Christia... more...

LP Private Records: 369.063 € 31,99


Cosmotropics Soundtrack 1982

Previously unreleased absolutely stunning album by German super cosmic guys from 1982. On this LP the band moving forward with their sound and combi... more...

LP Private Records: 369.062 € 39,99

Gerhard Heinz

The Story Of The Dolls (colored vinyl)

Private Records returning with a new 1980's porn soundtrack. This time the journey leading us into a tropical paradise. Gerhard Heinz dropping man... more...

LP Private Records: VAG11 € 36,99

Alex Cima

Final Alley

Cosmic heads, here comes on of your your dream release of 2020. Final Alley is the 1980 follow up to Alex Cima's sought after debut „Cosmic Connection... more...

LP Private Records: 369.061 remind

Gerhard Heinz

Lolita Am Scheideweg

Groovy funk, cosmic sitar beats, psychedelic flangers and chilled balearic disco songs produced by Austrian producer Gerhard Heinz in 1980! This alb... more...

LP Private Records: VAG10 remind

Dieter Reith

Abarten Der Korperlichen Liebe

Real detective work was necessary until the amazing unreleased music production 'Dieter Reith - Abarten Der Korperlichen Liebe (Degenerated Love)' fro... more...

LP Private Records: VAG09 € 33,99


R.E.K. 1

A cosmic journey including telepathic contacts with alien spirits and the story about a higher universal system. Limited 2xLP vinyl set with original... more...

LP Private Records: 369.054 € 19,99

Gerhard Heinz

Graf Dracula Beisst Jetzt in Oberbayern / Dracula Blows His Cool (Soundtrack, 1979)

Graf Dracula own's a castle in Bavaria which is highly frequented by German Playmates & models. The reason seems so be his castle discotheque ''Drop I... more...

LP Private Records: VAG08 € 39,99

Various Artists

Italo Disco Legacy (OST)

A journey into the past and the future of Italo Disco music through the stories of the original 80's heroes and cult DJs and the voice of the new gene... more...

2LP+DVD Private Records: 369.047 369.048 369.049 DVD remind

Peter J. Wassermann & Daniela Wassermann

Desert Lovers (1985)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency would be jealous. Private Records managed to lift an amazing treasure again. This time in the basement of a je... more...

LP Private Records: VAG07 remind

Recht Herzlich

Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lusten

The burning hot minimal synth pop song „Gut Bewegen“ by Recht Herzlich was already released by Private Records on their sold out „Various – Computered... more...

LP Private Records: 369.045 € 24,99

Li Garattoni

Find Out What I'm Dreaming

The new Private Records LP „Find Out What I’m Dreaming“ is a journey into the world of female cosmic energy. A feminine concept music production thoug... more...

LP Private Records: 369.043 € 29,99


Life With You

Exact and official replica edition of the mega sought after Italo Disco classic. Dubbed from the original master tapes, remastered by Spanish cult Dis... more...

12inch Private Records: 369.039 remind