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Joakim - Drumtrax (Radio Slave remix)


Drumtrax (Radio Slave remix)

Second Extraction from Joakims forthcoming Album ''Monsters And Silly Songs''. A secret weapon we fire up if the audience slows down and we want the c... more...

12inch Versatile: Ver047 remind

Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa

Johnny Pate

Shaft in Africa

Score composer Johnny Pate had had some small chart success back in 1958 with his Johnny Pate Quintet's ''Swinging Shepherd Blues,'' which grazed the... more...

LP ABC Records: ABC Records ABCX-793 remind

Urban Tribe - Zombie Assault / Cycloton Emissions

Urban Tribe

Zombie Assault / Cycloton Emissions

Limited 7'' by Sherard Ingram (Dj Stingray), accompagnying the ''Authorized Clinical Trials'' as well as the forthcoming ''Acceptable Side effects'' a... more...

7inch Rephlex: Cat#LTD007 remind

Derrick May - Innovator 2

Derrick May

Innovator 2

Part 2 of the Innovator collection now available on vinyl. Featuring legendary technotracks from the Rhythim Is Rhythim, Mayday and Derrick May monike... more...

12inch Network: Network INOV02/NWKT2102 remind

Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand/ Getaway

Marcel Dettmann

Quicksand/ Getaway

After his great release on his own imprint MDR001 he brings together with Ben Klock this 3rd catalogue number from Berghain's resident Marcel Dettman... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton003 remind

Blackbelt Andersen - Alfaz De Pi

Blackbelt Andersen

Alfaz De Pi

The main cut molds ancient styles of cowbell driven space disco and ruff acid. ''Sandoz'' overwhelms in a more gentle way with its sweeping balearic c... more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP07 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Martian - Red Planet

The Martian

Red Planet

Perfect fusion of techno, electro and acid. This music is from Mars, not from Earth.

12inch Red Planet: RP001 remind

69 - Lite Music


Lite Music

Repress of essential and timeless Carl Craig classics... ''Jam The Box'', ''Desire'', ''My Machines'' & ''Microlovr''!!!

12inch R&S: R&S 94045 remind

Mijk Van Dijk - Closer / Wider

Mijk Van Dijk

Closer / Wider

German Dj and producer legend Mijk van Dijk returns. Responsible for one of the biggest clubtracks of all time: Marmion - Schöneberg. Busy with his ow... more...

12inch Kling Klong: Kling Klong 007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

L.S.B. - Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jetset remix)


Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jetset remix)

Great release on Eskimo! A side is a massive Nu-Disko anthem... could have been Alden Tyrell. This will make 'em dance like crazy. Flip side a nice an... more...

12inch Eskimo: ESK539 remind

Redshape - 2084 Ultra


2084 Ultra

With critically highly acclaimed releases on Styrax Leaves and Delsin the mysterious Redshape is one of the producers of the moment to keep an eye on.... more...

12inch Music Man: MM128 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bumper - Everybody Fonki


Everybody Fonki

The first in a series of collaborations between two promising Scottish labels sees the mighty Bumper bring the heat with three chunks of electronic fu... more...

12inch Point.One Recordings: POWB001 remind

Undo - Despacio



After a string of well received 12s and remixes here comes the long-awaited debut of Undo: A very personal affair which merges his different musical d... more...

2LP Factor City: Factor City 015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kiki / Lee Van Dowski - Collective 1

Kiki / Lee Van Dowski

Collective 1

Collective 1 is exactly what the word means - a collective. A small one - but size doesn't matter! ''Collective'' is the perfect solution for producer... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC132 remind

Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder (Elitechnique remix)

Jupiter Black

We Like Moroder (Elitechnique remix)

Jupiter Black show their love for Giorgio Moroder. A rocking track with live percusion and of course the trade mark Moroder bass lines by this new pro... more...

12inch Clone: C#48 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shinedoe - Sound Travelling


Sound Travelling

In between Dj-ing around the globe, remixing & running Intacto Records, Shinedoe managed to find some time to work on her debut album. The result offe... more...

2x12inch 100% Pure: PureLP05 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Basic Soul Unit - Deep Blue ep

Basic Soul Unit

Deep Blue ep

Hypnotic and Deep, but always funky. Instead of just utilising tools to create sounds, this is more like telling us little, well selected stories. Thr... more...

12inch Versatile: Ver049 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Brothers Vibe - Revisited # 3

Brothers Vibe

Revisited # 3

Oldschool Mr. Fingers bass sound a bit to bring you back to the days, cool filtered soul/funk grooves and electrifying timbale latin/afro house. All b... more...

12inch Mixx: Mixx006 remind

Digital Funk Addicts - Higher Level

Digital Funk Addicts

Higher Level

Detroit’s excellent Moods and Grooves label back with another nice release crossing the line between soul, funk and Motown techno warmth. Deep cuts, m... more...

12inch Moods & Grooves: MG036 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Psyche - Unveiling The Secret (remixes)


Unveiling The Secret (remixes)

Psyche is back! Hard rocking remixes by Rude 66, Interfunk, Mas 2008 & Beta Evers + the original version from 1986. Only 400 black/white marbled copie... more...

12inch EC records: Electronic Corporation ELCO 15.0 remind

Arpanet - Inertial Frame


Inertial Frame

New release by Arpanet aka Heinrich Mueller aka Dopplereffekt. The development of Arpanet's conceptual electronic fragmentation into yet another evoca... more...

2LP Record Makers: Rec033LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - Lies Xmas 02
12inch LIES: LiesXMAS02 store only

Chateau Flight - Baroque

Chateau Flight


Another great record for the Innervisions guys. Bouncing house/techno or whatever you want to call it. This really works on every dancefloor. Sounds a... more...

12inch Innervisions: IV9 remind

Alter Ego - Decoding The Hacker Myth (remixes pt 1)

Alter Ego

Decoding The Hacker Myth (remixes pt 1)

It's been 10 years (!) since the laid back album ''Decoding The Hacker Myth'' on Harthouse was released along with a couple of now legendary remixes.... more...

12inch Klang: Klang 113 remind

Patrice Scott - Atmospheric Emotions

Patrice Scott

Atmospheric Emotions

Top Detroit house from Omar S buddy Patrice Scott with the entrancing deep ''Atmospheric Emotions'' that features a incredibly beautiful string part p... more...

12inch Sistrum: SIS001 remind

Soultourist - Yeah!



Deep state of the art house and technosoul from this hot new label from Zurich.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC003-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Legowelt - Beyond the Congo


Beyond the Congo

2016 Remaster! Comes with white labels instead of original artwork. A journey through the ebola-infested african heart of darkness, from local warlord... more...

EP Bunker: B3044 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Steve Poindexter - Maniac ep

Steve Poindexter

Maniac ep

More quality acid house and techno from the MATHEMATICS label. The A is an extended version of 'MANIAC' orginally done in 1988 and released on the inf... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math011 remind

Chow Daddy - Bad Little Kitten / Batman

Chow Daddy

Bad Little Kitten / Batman

More heavy sideways disco from MOXIE... this time courtesy of one of Detroit’s brightest talents...

12inch Moxie: Moxie010 remind

Convextion - Convextion



After the stunning E.R.P. release (Down Low VEXT2) that was stated on our website as best techno 12'' of 2005, Mr Hanson returns under his Convextion... more...

2LP Down low: DLVEXTLP remind

The Enigma - Puzzle Project

The Enigma

Puzzle Project

The ''Puzzle Project'' has been anticipating its release for over a year, and within that time it has become a monster on the dancefloor. With support... more...

12inch Eargasmic Recordings: EGC4008 remind

Omar S - 111

Omar S


More deep driving tracks by Omar S. This stuff rules on the dancefloor. And don't hesitate..soon they will be true collectors items. About the coolest... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-AOS111LP € 21,99

Marcus Mixx - T.A.P / Psychousic

Marcus Mixx

T.A.P / Psychousic

Following up the massive debut of Lets Pet Puppies, Marcus Mixx returns with a two tracker of straight up classic Chicago dancefloor mayhem. ''T.A.P''... more...

12inch Lets Pet Puppies: LPP002(ltd Red) remind

Dez Williams - Hex Abuse

Dez Williams

Hex Abuse

Dez has amplified the emphasis on straighter (Detroit) techno styles, unashamedly directed at the dancefloor. Recommended!!

12inch Ai: Ai012 remind

Magnus International - Kosmetisk

Magnus International


The next Scandinavian discoteer taking us on a trip into deep space-disco galaxies. Two Magnus goodies and a remix by space captain Prins Thomas for a... more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP06 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marcel Dettmann - MDR 1 (Let's Do It / Radio)

Marcel Dettmann

MDR 1 (Let's Do It / Radio)

Minimal techno release by German producer Marcel Dettman. Very good, very limited.

12inch Marcel Dettman: MDR001(51837) remind

Substance & Vainqueur - Surface

Substance & Vainqueur


The return of the original Chain Reaction crew with serious wall-shaking dub techno!

12inch Scion Version: SV001(52312) remind

Sinnamon - Thanks To You


Thanks To You

Rare Becket release by Sinnamon. Great disco funk! Plus an amazing instrumental version. Kind of D-train but with more synths. Tip! more...

12inch Becket Records: BKD508 € 11,99

Sebo K / Pan-Pot - Back To Back remixes vol.3

Sebo K / Pan-Pot

Back To Back remixes vol.3

Pan-pot delivers a big minimal techno monster with an old school-ish bass line. Works like crazy in the club. Another good Mobilee release!

12inch Mobilee: Mobilee017 remind

Robert Hood - Hoodmusic 2

Robert Hood

Hoodmusic 2

The Bomb. Featuring a Los hermanos remix.

12inch Music Man: MM127 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Thom Yorke

The Eraser

The frontman of Radiohead with his brilliant soloalbum!! more...

LP XL records: XL records lp200 remind

Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After

Black Devil Disco Club

28 After

Great new (!?) release by the Obscure Black Devil Disco Club. When 'Timing, Forget the Timing' was unearthed by Rephlex many doubted it's authenticity... more...

LP Lo recordings: Lo Recordings lp58 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dany Rodriguez - Carocha (Plastique De Reve remix)

Dany Rodriguez

Carocha (Plastique De Reve remix)

Leaning heavely on a EBM / New Beat 80ies goth-synth riff, with some hypno acidic overtones to top things of, slowly evolving deep n dirty epic acidic... more...

12inch Destination: Destination 002 remind

John Beltran - Part 1

John Beltran

Part 1

Official 2006 3-track release of breathtaking ultimative detroit classic! From the lengdary Album ''Earth & Nightfall''! A 1990's ''intelligent techno... more...

12inch Styrax: STRX005 remind

Reggie The Movemaker / House To House - Get Your Money Man / Taste My Love

Reggie The Movemaker / House To House

Get Your Money Man / Taste My Love

Two absolutely amazing Chicago house classics produced by the masters of the masters... and out of print since 1987 (almost 20 years!!!). House to Hou... more...

12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC003 remind

Music Cargo - Ernte 05

Music Cargo

Ernte 05

The New Music Cargo. Including a great Speculator remix (Bunker) and a Noblesse Oblige mix. Krautrock 2006 from Dusseldorf!

12inch Amontillado Music: AMM009 € 4,99

Escort - Love in Indigo / Karawane


Love in Indigo / Karawane

This is Hot!!! ''Love In Indigo'' is a blistering piano driven slice of New York disco that could easily have been released on of magic old disco lab... more...

12inch Escort: Escort002 remind

Shitcluster - Bitslutch lp


Bitslutch lp

The alienating narcosis of a ketamin-induced overdose, sheer dirty brown madness! more...

12inch Bunker: B3059 remind

Elec Pt.1 - Acid Coloniae lp

Elec Pt.1

Acid Coloniae lp

Dark cologne acid house tracks! more...

LP Bunker: B3061 remind