Mark Leckey Made Me Hardcore EP

IVVVO - Mark Leckey Made Me Hardcore EP

Having released on the label before (including a collaboration with Lake Haze last time out) Lisboa based producer IVVVO now returns to Creme Organization with a new three track solo EP. Showcasing his unique take on analogue house, here he conjures up his most unique work to date,

Up first, 'Raised' is a dishevelled concoction that sees organic hand drums rattling over heady kicks, with groaning vocals, ghostly pads and afro mutterings all adding to the intoxicating brew. 'Our Journey' is then an acid flecked, lo fi techno rave up with car alarms, barking dogs and white noise textures that all come over like an urban soundtrack as much as anything else. It's captivating stuff that gets rounded out with '0000', a slurred, smeared bit of ambient with awkward key progressions, wordless vocals and tons of crunchy texture. Few people sound as idiosyncratic as IVVVO and this EP proves that in spades.

12inch Creme: CR1283 € 8,99