Luis Enriquez Bacalov

L Amica

Luis Enriquez Bacalov - L Amica

The soundtrack of “L'AMICA'' from the title track highlights the excellent piano technique and the jazz vein of the Maestro mixed with exotic and erotic atmosphere characterized by extraordinary orchestration, harp, congas and persuasive typical vocalism of those years (all by the great Nora Orlandi). It follows ''Rio, Zona Sul'', refined samba-jazz on a massive percussive tapestry. '''Round Nassau” offers an elegant and dreamy atmosphere in Les Baxter style adding flute and female wordless vocals. ''Swingin' easy in Tanganyika'' is another extraordinary piano-jazz-drumming with flute melody sideways. The side is closed by an unplublished version of the theme that was not included on the original Fonit Cetra LP of the era. The B-side rearranges the themes in a more melancholy and symphonic style without renouncing to jazz as in the gem “Episodio in 3/4''. The ballad '' The Bitter Truth '' is well sung by Fiorenza Mormile in English.

LP Cinedelic: CNST701 € 28,99