Maria Teresa Luciani

Free Jazz

Maria Teresa Luciani - Free Jazz

Originally pressed in 1972 in Italy by Le Monde (label which has assets only 6 outputs released in few copies for Radio and TV) is an insanely Library Music masterpiece. Absolute the hottest, weird, psych-jazz album of the era. Maria Teresa Luciani is the sister of Maestro Riccardo A.Luciani. The only known members of the session is the great Gino Marinacci on flute, here on his most obscure recording session, and Riccardo A. Luciani on all piano, fender rhodes and treated keyboard delays. The whole Lp is outstanding with various moods and atmospheres from the groovy fuzz distortions of LOGARITMO IN DO, the funky B-boy drums and jazzy psychedelia of FREE FLUTE IN BEAT, the modal cum spiritual jazz of PLAYING FOR FUN to the frantic rhythms of TRAFFICO CAOTICO and CRAZY MORNING. Amazing hard bop on FOTOGRAMMI, experimental jazz on WALKING IN THE NIGHT and FREE JAZZ and the beautiful FREE FLUTE theme. Outrageous drum skills, electric piano played with a wah wah pedal, studio effects and echo delays on the more psychedelic themes. All covers of this limited edition repress are unique and unrepeatable with orange and black splashes of paint.

LP Cinedelic: CNLP52 € 27,99