Orgue Electronique

Strange Paradise

Orgue Electronique - Strange Paradise

Ok, to call this album long awaited or highly anticipated would be a non sequitur. What lies here before you is sculpted out of the blood and tears of 5 years of life, and all the dreams, imagination, tristesse and longing that goes along with it. The name Orgue Electronique shouldn't be new to you, cause it isn't. For over a decade it has been lurking in the periphery of House music - forever too early or too late for the trend, be it as a solo artist or working alongside Legowelt. But it seems the apotheosis is finally here, in the form of this mesmerizing double album: wholly matured and further enhanced by collaborations with luminaries like Robert Owens, Alden Tyrell and cult hero Fre2k. But to just dismiss this as a retro House record would be to sell it short in a big way. Sure it was influenced by the usual bunch of pioneers and icons, but this is not an epigone, this is music that IS. It's warm and generous, made up of real emotions, of moments frozen in time and of the impassioned cries of a soul on the run. That's right, this ain't no hipster shit dime-a-dozen Facebook House Gonzales! To finally let it go after so many years is - for all the parties involved - a strange yet exciting moment, not unlike the birth of an elephant baby.... out of a human female.

2x12inch Creme: CRLP09 € 17,99
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